Negative SpaceX Speculation (2016/05/29)

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Some people still think NASA never landed on the Moon, and some people think now that SpaceX never landed on a barge.

I won't embed the video directly on this page but you can find it here. This isn't some small channel - 47k subscribers and many other 'debunking' videos like this. Notice the disabled comments section, and hidden like/dislike bars.

Frankly, I feel kinda sorry for this person, because they aren't able to appreciate the hundreds of millions, maybe billions of hours of collective, dedicated hard work that goes into a mission like this.

I'm not just talking about the SpaceX team - I'm talking about /everyone/ that has made this technology possible throughout history - Galileo, Newton, Euler, Einstein, Gauss, Curie, Pythagoras, Aristotle - and an uncountable number of other scientists and mathematicians.

It's completely fine to not understand the science - in fact I would say not one person at SpaceX knows exactly how each part of the mission was constructed or calculated. But to stick your head in the sand and call these achievements a fabrication is a slap in the face to the thousands of people who worked to make this happen.

Yes, it's hard to reconcile how small we are in an immense universe. But that is the reality. The real fantasy here is that the universe is simple and we are all playing very important parts in it!

Hat's off to the SpaceX team, and generations upon generations of great minds that makes this all possible. Fly safe, fly fast, and fly us to the stars.

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