ALIAneS Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator (2014 - In Progress)

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This is a work in progress (but functional!) emulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Using it you can play games such as Super Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong from cartridge ROM memory dump files on your computer. It emulates all official opcodes of the 6502 Microprocessor. It emulates the 2C07 Picture Processing Unit on a scanline-by-scanline level, though this code is still in development.


LED Strip PWM Controller (2016)

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This controller board was developed to dim an LED Strip as efficiently as possible, while also being directly installable onto a 12V marine power supply. I designed the circuit and PCB from scratch, and assembled and tested it myself.


No-╬╝Controller EEPROM Reader (2016)


An experiment in alternative techniques over the use of microcontrollers to interface with memory integrated circuits over the SPI protocol. Even though it is not a practical way of using these ICs, it is good educational "slow motion" look at the signals.


aliOS - Homebrew Operating System (2016 - In Progress)

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aliOS is a rudimentary x86 operating system development project undertaken to improve my skill with lower level languages (assembly). I want to also apply some of my knowledge from my second year operating systems course. Currently boots in VirtualBox VM and can compare and echo text.


Linear Variable Differential Transformer (2015)


Based on the principles of electromagnetic coupling, LVDTs are capable of extremely high precision measurements. In a team of four we built one from scratch using scrap parts and various electronics components including an op-amps as a signal amplifier and an Arduino for signal processing.


Autonomous LEGO Builder (2014)

Lego Builder

The Autonomous LEGO Builder was designed, programmed and built in a group of four for a first year programming course. It was able to build LEGO structures by picking up, rotating, and placing bricks into a desired shape.


Solid Modelled and 3D Printed Cellphone Stand (2014)

Cell Stand

This cell phone stand was the final project for my first year engineering concepts course. It started out as a list of design constraints and criteria, moved through hand-drawn design stages, drafted on AutoCAD, and finally, solid-modeled using Solidworks. 3D printing the stand completed the design pipeline, forming a final product. I outlined the process in an article.


Java Infinite Monkey Theorem Model (2013-2014)


This application simulates the Infinite Monkey theory (which states that a monkey, typing into infinity will eventually type a well known piece of literature) by creating sentence-like gibberish and finding english words. It has evolved from its first form to become much faster by implementing more efficient search algorithms.