LumiRace Slotcar Lighting Controller

LumiRace is an intelligent lighting controller for slot cars, featuring permanently illuminated headlights, reactive brake lights, and flashing hazard lights.

Photo of the LumiRace Prototype next to a slot car

An on-board rechargeable battery powers the system both on and off the track. The headlights illuminate when power is applied for the first time, and remain on for a period of time after power is removed.

The brake lights illuminate when the car is decelerating, braking, or stationary, just like a real car. They can also be set to ‘daylight running’ mode, emitting a faint glow while not braking.

Intelligent on-board sensing detects when the car deslots, triggering the flashing hazard lights until the car is replaced on the track.

It supports addressable LEDs for creating more elaborate lighting effects, like police lights or underglow.

All brightnesses, blink rates, thresholds and timeouts are adjustable with the easy to use PC software.

The system is extremely easy to install, requiring only a parallel electrical connection with the braid. The controller’s power and electronics are fully isolated from the track, so your car’s performance and race legality are completely unaffected.

LumiRace is currently in development, and will be available for sale in late 2023.