What Should We Build Next?

me Hi! I’m Michael Kafarowski. I have a passion for exploring new skills and ideas. I love taking things apart, learning how things work, and building and sharing new things. I strive to always improve and expand upon my technical, non-technical and interpersonal skills.

After graduating from the Mechatronics Engineering program at the University of Waterloo, I had the honor of working as an embedded electronics and software designer at World Star Tech Inc. World Star Tech is a laser solutions company based in Markham, Ontario. My days usually consisted of testing new prototypes, writing embedded C/C++ for STM32 systems, designing 3D models and PCBs, and much more.

I’m excited to have recently moved into a new role as an Electronics Designer at Crystal Fountains Inc. Crystal Fountains is an international leader in the innovation, design, and manufacturing of premium architectural water features. I’ll be working primarily in the design of electronics and firmware as a member of the Research and Development department.

Thank you for stopping by my website. I hope you’ll enjoy learning about my work as much as I’ve enjoyed doing it.

Featured Project: EMRSNxEOS Theater Lighting Control System (2020 - 2022)

EMRSNxEOS on a breadboard

A collaboration with Emerson Kafarowski, the EMRSNxEOS Moving Light Controller is an open-source portable programming wing for use with theatrical lighting systems. Lighting consoles are generally large and expensive, limiting their use in small and non-traditional venues. The goal is to build a customizable hardware platform for lighting designers that maintains the efficiency and ease of use granted by more expensive lighting consoles. The system is developed in C++ for the ESP32, and communicates with the EOS lighting software using Open Sound Control (OSC).