What Should We Build Next?

me Hi! I’m Michael Kafarowski. I have a passion for exploring new skills and ideas. I love taking things apart, learning how things work, and building and sharing new things. I strive to always improve and expand upon my technical, non-technical and interpersonal skills.

After graduating from the Mechatronics Engineering program at the University of Waterloo, I had the honor of working as an embedded electronics and software designer at World Star Tech Inc. World Star Tech is a laser solutions company based in Markham, Ontario. My days usually consisted of testing new prototypes, writing embedded C/C++ for STM32 systems, designing 3D models and PCBs, and much more.

I’m excited to have recently moved into a new role as an Electronics Designer at Crystal Fountains Inc. Crystal Fountains is an international leader in the innovation, design, and manufacturing of premium architectural water features. I work in the New Product Engineering department on circuits and firmware for sequencing products such as LED lights, motors and DMX equipment. I’ve also had the opportunity to travel on-site to Finland, Spain and the U.S.A. to provide electrical and electronics support for commissioning new fountains.

Thank you for stopping by my website. I hope you’ll enjoy learning about my work as much as I’ve enjoyed doing it.

Featured Project: LumiRace Slotcar Lighting Controller (2023 - In Progress)

Photo of LumiRace powering the lights in a slot car

LumiRace is the world's most advanced lighting controller for slot cars. Designed for maximum realism and immersion, it features auto-dimming headlights, brake lights that react accurately to the car's motion, and hazard lights that automatically activate when the car de-slots. LumiRace can be installed without any soldering required, and customized with easy-to-use PC software.