Personal and Academic Projects

NoEye Haptic Clock (2019 - In Progress)

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Regularly faced with the problem of waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to open my eyes to read a normal clock, I designed a clock that uses an alternative method to communicate the time.

This project has been submitted as an entry for the 2019 Hackaday Prize. Project Page

Video of First Revision

GranolaPods Modular Trail Mix Making Machine (2019)


GranolaPods is a modular trail mix making machine, built in a team of four for our University of Waterloo Mechatronics Fourth Year Design Project (FYDP). I designed the circuit, PCB and firmware for a modular control board. I also developed the front-end user interface and back-end system control software.

Project Website

Video of Unity Board Development

5" FPV Racing Quadcopter (2018)

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I have been a fan of R/C cars and helicopters for a long time, and was fascinated by the speed and agility of racing quadcopters when they first appeared on the market. As my first foray into the hobby and to learn more about these machines, I built my own 5" FPV racing quadcopter.

More Info Coming Soon!

Flying Skill Progression Video

RS-485 ROV Controller with Telemetry Link (2017)

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As part of a design project to build an ROV to navigate an underwater course, I designed an AVR-based controller to drive the ROV by tele-operation over RS-485. In addition to the tele-op mode it also features a telemetry readout from sensors aboard the ROV and a macro record/playback function.

More Info Coming Soon!

ROV Pool Test Video

ALIAneS Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator (2014 - 2016)

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This is a work in progress (but functional!) emulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Using it you can play games such as Super Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong from cartridge ROM memory dump files on your computer. It emulates all official opcodes of the 6502 Microprocessor. It emulates the 2C07 Picture Processing Unit on a scanline-by-scanline level, though this code is still in development.


LED Strip PWM Controller (2016)

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This controller board was developed to efficiently dim an off-the-shelf 12V LED strip, for use as accent lighting on a boat. I designed the circuit and PCB from scratch, and assembled and tested it myself.


No-╬╝Controller EEPROM Reader (2016)


An experiment in alternative techniques over the use of microcontrollers to interface with memory integrated circuits over the SPI protocol. Even though it is not a practical way of using these ICs, it is good educational "slow motion" look at the signals.


Linear Variable Differential Transformer (2015)


Based on the principles of electromagnetic coupling, LVDTs are capable of extremely high precision measurements. In a team of four we built one from scratch using scrap parts and various electronics components including an op-amps as a signal amplifier and an Arduino for signal processing.


Java Infinite Monkey Theorem Model (2013-2014)


This application simulates the Infinite Monkey theory (which states that a monkey, typing into infinity will eventually type a well known piece of literature) by creating sentence-like gibberish and finding English words. It has evolved from its first form to become much faster by implementing more efficient search algorithms.


Pacman 3000 (2012)


Pacman 3000 was developed as a demo for a grade 9 business trade show.
Starring Pacman in a totally 3D world, the player must collect coins while navigating the terrain, avoiding ghosts and laser turrets.

More Info Coming Soon!